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Friday, March 23, 2012

Bangladeshi Bill Gates: Musa Bin Shamsher

Dr. Moosa Bin Shamsher, ever heard of him? Well, if you are a Bangladeshi, he might be of more interest to you than you can even imagine. He is ranked as the 8th most notorious Arms Dealer in Modern History by business pundits. He is a Bangladeshi business mogul who is often credited as the father of the Manpower Export industry in Bangladesh, and has also achieved notoriety for purportedly being a prominent name in the international weapons industry during the 1970s and the 1980s. Well, keeping all those regular biographical stories apart, Dr. Moosa has been accused of having SEVEN BILLION US DOLLARS in his Swiss bank account. This makes him one of the 200 richest person in the world.  It has been widely reported since 2009, that Swiss authorities froze his bank account on the pretext of irregular transactions. This led him to engage in a legal battle to realize his frozen money deposited in these banks. No Bangladeshi has ever been officially identified as a billionaire. In Bangladeshi taka, 1 billion dollar is about 8 thousand and 100 hundred crore.

About his lifestyle, he wears nothing less than what a King would wear. The tycoon is reported to live in palatial splendor, in the Gulshan suburb of DhakaHis diamond encrusted shoes are said to be worth of US$3million. The value of his diamond encrusted Rolex watch is US$5 million. His diamond covered pen is valued between US$1million-2million. He wears a ruby valued at US$1million, a stone ofUS$50000, a dimond ring of US$50,000 and an emerald of US$100,000.He wears the ornament worth of at least US$7 million on special function.His all ornaments were last valued at US$85 million in 1988. Now these are valued at US$850 million.

To know more about this wonder man, visit his official site The site may have backdated information not updated for years.